The year is 1991. An outbreak of Zombies has appeared and destroyed most of humanity. Only a few pockets of survivors and bandits remain. Can you survive?

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1 RULES FOR ALL on Fri Apr 03, 2009 3:56 pm

Ok, first of all, thanks for joining this site. Hopefully, we can keep it going for a while.

Ok, first rule.
1: OOC and IC
OOC is basically used when posting to another person Out OF Character. In that case, you would have to type (OOC:, and then write something, adding a bracket afterthe last letter. If you're posting In Character, you don't have to type IC in front of your text. Just type away!

2: NPCs
Basically just Non Player Characters that you could create to follow your character around, or enemy NPCs (Zombies, bandits etc...). Please note, you may NOT have over 10 NPC's with your character. We don't want a huge army of zombie killers that spoil the fun.

3: Content
If you are going to post something, PLEASE keep it appropriate! We don't want pornographic pictures and stuff like that on the site. IF you catch my drift.

4: God Modding
Who REALLY wants an RPGer that makes themselves superior to all of us?
I am sure nobody does. For those who don't know, God Modding is taking control of other characters, mass-killing, and stuff in general. There are 3 levels.

Level 1- Minor: Bob walked into a zombie infested building and none of the cadavers noticed him, enabling him to kill each one of them...silently. (In this, zombies can easily detect prey if they make the slightest sound or movement)

Level 2- Average: Bob sprinted from their shelter yelling for Joe to come with him. Joe said: "I'm right behind you!" and ran after him. (Lets say Joe is another RPer, and wants to post for himself. He could have not gone with him, and stayed in the shelter)

Level 3- Major: Bob walked into a radiation infested zombie building and shot 500 zombies in the face without looking. (This is extreme, but like I said. We don't want mass-killing.)

The rest are minor rules, like:
Moderators have power, Stay positive and fair, The admin can fix almost anything, Order of RPGs, post more than one line, and don't cover an entire event with one post.

Oh, and have fun!

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