The year is 1991. An outbreak of Zombies has appeared and destroyed most of humanity. Only a few pockets of survivors and bandits remain. Can you survive?

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Zombie qualities

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1 Zombie qualities on Fri Apr 03, 2009 4:48 pm

If you want to skip reading this, read this book: The Zombie Survival Guide, by Max Brooks
If you haven't read the book, then read on.

First of all, all Zombies are not like the ones you see in movies or games. These zombies are different.
All zombies are created by a virus known as Solanum. The virus is transmitted by zombie bite, contact with zombie flesh, or by injection. Solanum is not transmitted by water or air. Purely by the reasons listed above.

Secondly, zombies can be killed by only one reason. Destruction of the brain. You can destroy every other limb, but the main priority is the brain.

Third, the only thing zombies have that are altered is: all of the 5 senses, and speed. Zombies are VERY slow. The fastest zombie can walk about 1 step per 1.5 seconds. Zombies can easily detect prey in a wide radius. Even those without eyes can track prey. That covers sight. Zombies also can't smell, or taste. They can hear prey, and cannot touch.

Fourth, zombies cannot feel ANY pain. Oh, and they don't bleed AT ALL.

Fifth, zombies only moan. They can't speak full sentances. They also have no social skills at all. They hunt wherever there is prey.

Sixth and final, zombies only posess the qualities of the person they once were. For example. If Superman was infected, then his zombie could shoot lasers out of his eyes, have super strength, and be basically invincible.

Well, that covers zombies.

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